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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm glad to receive you, Award! ;)

Hehe. Teruja.nih ,  ;) sebab dapat 'Online Best Friend Award' daripada cik Izzaty.  Ini adalah award kali ke-2, terima kasih banyak-banyak ya. I appreciate it so much =)

Ni lah dia cik Izzaty yang comel molek ;)

Thank you ya darling? hehe. Okay sekarang mari jawab soalan-soalanyya. ;)

1. Write 5 interesting fact about the person who gave you this award.
  • I love her blog, its simple but nice. =)
  • She loves listening to music, her favourite bands are All Time Low,We The Kings dan Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
  • Besides making music as her priority, she also love to write poem, and she extremely loves poetry. Comel jer kan? hehe
  • And guess what? she has this incredible talent to write songs. Oh salute gila lah dengan awak Izzaty. ;)
  • Last but not least, she is a person who truly value friendship in her life because most of her entries she wrote about her friends. Of course her poems are also there. ;) 

2. Write down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies.

Mak oi..10? banyaknyeee! hehe. ok  takpa. buat jer. hehe
  • I am sensitive and fragile. hell yeah. sangat!
  • I love kids. They are just too cute to watch. So gerammm!
  • I easily get mad when people just don't know how to behave politely or in other words, rude! I hate rude people, for me they don't deserve any respect from anyone . huh. 
  •  Oh yeah in case u didn't know, I love Fazura so much. She's a darling. Pretty inside and out, I adore her since I was 16. :)
  • I can't live without my BB. (okay perlu ke mention dada?) ye perlu. hahah. Coz it's a medium for me to communicate with people, and I can update my FB status and even my blog with that little thing. So yeah it's freaking important to me. ;)
  • I'm in love with Mohd Fitri, we have been together for 2 years. huhu
  • I only have one elder sister, and that's it. That means I am the youngest in my family and yes saya anak manja. :P
  • Hobby? Okay currently I love to blog. Call me blog addict, I dont mind. :)
  •  Besides blogging , erm erm erm I love to sleep. :D  I know it does not considered as a hobby but hey, that's a  fact about me that u just have to accept. haha
  • The last one..hurm...ha! I love to eat, seriously! Snapping pictures of  interesting food is one my favourite too. ;)  

3. Pick the most 10 deserving recipients and describe them.
          Okay these are the bloggers that I think fit for this award ;)
  • Cik Bulat
  • Cik Mirra
  • Gayahspears 
  • Memell Lala
  •  Cik Tom
  • Miss Senget
  • Asy
  • Mr Curly
  • Nurdani 
  • Kuman guys are the lucky ones! Congratulations ! :)

Urs truly,

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AiDa AzRyN

Fuyooo~ tahniah! :D


heee tenkiu yer aida ;)


uitt tahniah

naddy monster

: ewahh . tahniah cik dada :D


tq angahsayang dan naddy monster. comel sgt korang.


mekaseh la byk2 sygku eh adik maniss..hehe..nti wa dtg amik ye..


congratz.. rajin gler tukar background slalu.. ni header dh gmbr lain lak..


mr curly: hehe ok...
lan_ax: tq ya ;)


OMG! I was surprised to notice my photo was there! HAHA. Thank you very much dear, Dada. Thank you for u too because you've become one of my dearest blog visitors who used to view my not-so-good-and-ugly-blog! ;)

p/s; Zaty terharu sbb rasa dihargai. Love u Dada <3

rapunzel problem zaty syg. :)
yeah same goes to u, sbb slalu view blog dada jugakk...

hehe..Love u too darl!

haidi takeAfoto

tahniah aida..sape nk bg sy award lak ni..nak gak..dada bagi la waiting..hehe keep it up gurl...


heee..insyallah kalau ada award lg dada tag haidi pulak k? ;)


waah..thank you cik dada yang cute ;p


no problemlah cik nurdani syg :)

Sasa Al-Sharif

lari ke sini selepas shoutbox kelihatan pelik. followed

Tomato Gurl's Life

tenkiu dear..jap lagi edit dan publish ;)

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