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Sunday, August 22, 2010

To a girl, From DaDA with 'love'...

Hi readers, its been a long time since my last update kan..I was actually very busy with assignments, fyp, bf, and friends..I couldn't find a right time to update my blog till now, so here it is..I'm going to tell you what I've been feeling for the past 1 week.

Okay. There's this one girl, whom at first I admit I loathe her so much, but I swear I don't just hate people for no reason. Of course there's a reason for not LIKING her, and it wasn't me who started it. When I knew about the things that she said about me, I began to hate her. Really. I was telling my close friends, my sister and my bf, like...who the hell she think she is? Just because she thought that she's rich, she has no right to say bad stuffs to other people.

And fyi, she's not that rich, she's nobody,she don't even have a BMW pun, but she was acting like she's the richest person on earth.Tell you what...Sedar diri boleh tak? Baru senang sikit dah ingat kaya nak mampos, macamana lah kan kalau awak jadi millionaire? mesti lagi macam sial perangai awak kan? Itulah orang susah tak penah senang sekali dah ada duit sikit, mulalah hidung nak tinggi.

Recently, something happened. I don't want to write about what actually happen here, but what can I say I hate her even more. This time don't blame me, because she was the one who being rude and has no manners.I asked her politely (at the same time hoping that she'll not being bitchy), but it turns out exactly the same as I thought it would be. Yes, she answered rudely. Rude sangatttttttt!! Oh my,such a sweet girl lah kau. I was damn right about her, she's not nice at all.

Please , anyone that know who she is, feel free to tell her THIS coz I don't give a damn pun ok.. If you are nice I'll be nice to you too, and vice versa. I don't have the heart to be rude to people who speak nicely to me. I just don't.

So to that  so-called-rich-but-ugly-girl, you deserve no respect from me. There'll be no more sweet voice from me.

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Emma Vern's

I think I know who dats gurl la syg :)


hey syg! oke n0w i dh fhm y u bengang2 bpe arie pas...manusia mmng mcm 2...s0 biarkan dia nan 'rich LIFE' dia...lama2 dia akan sedar diri.....


emma: u know ka syg? hehe..pandai u ni..

iera: hehehe yeap2...tu la pasal...hope dia sedar diri..

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